VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

The sides of the VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube will encourage new discoveries!
4 Light-Up button - animal names, animal sounds and shapes
14 interactive functions for the development of fine motor skills
A motion sensor is turned on with pleasant sounds when a cube is moved to attract the attention of baby
25 playful songs and music will entertain your baby
There is also a volume control with 3 levels!

Children's learning and developmental toys VTECH

Vtech company was founded in 1976 and is one of the world leaders in the production of interactive children's toys and the absolute world leader in the segment of "children's educational computers."

The company has 10 offices around the world (USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, France, Spain, Netherlands), and all the products under the trademark «Vtech» is presented in 10 languages. The official distributor of TM "Vtech" in Russia and the CIS is "Simbat Toys". The product range is designed for children aged 0 to 10 years, has more than 700 items and is divided into the following groups:

Products TM «Vtech» has won over 50 awards worldwide, annually receives awards from specialized magazines and educational institutions. A full list of prizes and awards you can see the company's website www.vtech.com

All products TM «Vtech» are high quality and attractive design, meets all modern requirements and standards. Here is a partial list of the test, which is subject to production of «Vtech» in independent testing centers to ensure compliance with international quality standards:

Dear Parent,

Ever noice the look on your baby’s face when they learn something new through their own discovery? These self-accomplished moments are a parent’s greatest reward. To help fulfill them, VTech® created the Infant Learning® series ‚ tƒs. These unique interactive learning tƒs directly respond to what children do naturally – play! Using innovative technology, these tƒs react to baby’s interactions, making each play ˆperience fun and unique as they learn age-appropriate concepts like first words, numbers, shapes, colors and music. More importantly, VTech®’s Infant Learning® tƒs develop baby’s mental and physical abilities by inspiring, engaging and teaching. At VTech®, we know that a child has the ability to do great things. That’s why all ‚ our electronic learning products are uniquely designed to develop a child’s mind and allow them to learn to the best ‚ their ability. We thank you for trusting VTech® with the important job ‚ helping your child learn and grow! Sincerely,

Your fr’iends at VTech®

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